Ways That Players Used To Take Advantage Of Slot Sites 

Throughout the history of slot machines there have been those punters who have tried to cheat their way to a guaranteed win. Even as far back as the 19th century when Advantage Of Slot Sites  slots were first invented, people came up with ways to manipulate slots spins in their favour.

The first slots were easy to cheat and all that was needed was a strong magnet. That could force the symbols to land in a favorable sequence that resulted in a payout. Advantage Of Slot Sites  LeoVegas Even placing uneven pressure on the lever that was pulled to spin the reels, could influence the result of each spin. When slots became more complex, the methods used to try and cheat these machines became more extravagant too.

Individuals such as Tommy Glen Carmichael spent decades cheating thousands of dollars out of slots. By inventing devices like the Top Bottom Joint. Light Wand and the Monkey Paw. These all helped to fool ever more sophisticated slot machines into paying out big wins.  A lot of cheating was ended. When slots went digital and only insider knowledge of the inner workings of digital slots, could help cheaters succeed.

Ronald Dale Harris was an employee of the Nevada Commission and he was entrusted with. The smooth daily running of slot games in selected casinos. He used his expertise and knowledge of Random Number Generators that create slot spins. To help him win hundreds of thousands of dollars – discover slots sites no deposit required.

This was done by rigging the microchips in the slots as well as rigging RNG codes. Only an employee with specialist computer programming training could achieve such a fete. He cheated slots for years until a $100,000 win drew too much attention and ended his cheating spree in 1998. 

Ways That Players Used To Take Advantage Of Slot Sites 

Online Slot Sites 

The majority of slots gambling now take place at online slots sites. And this makes cheating impossible. Nowadays punters have no choice but to operate within the law. But they can still turn things to their advantage without cheating. The main way to profit is by joining as many new casinos as possible and taking up the welcome bonuses that often consist of free cash and free spins. There are no laws against. This and the public is free to join as many sites as they wish to. The advantages of doing so are that you can amass quite a lot of bonus money from first deposit boosts. And this increases your chances of winning and reaching.

High RTP Slots 

Another way of honestly taking advantage of slot sites is to only play slots that have a high RTP score. This is also known as the Return To Player percentage and it is basically. A calculation of how much of punters staking money is returned to them over thousands of spins. Games with high scores offer steady wins throughout the gameplay and this helps to maintain a healthy casino balance. 

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